Travel Report Nov 29

Hey everyone, I’ve finally got out of Auckland and haven’t had wifi since. Hence the lack of posts. They’re coming, though! Highlights of the last week are buying a car and doing some camping! I ended up with a station wagon instead of my original plan of buying a campervan, but I haven’t missed the extra space yet.

It was a bit messy at first with just all my gear chucked in the back.


As for traveling, Elvis and I have done a lot of driving so far. We headed straight north from Auckland, reaching Cape Reinga the second day, so we haven’t done a lot outside of camping yet. We got to traverse some giant sand dunes, but the main step counter came from the day before we left when Elvis, Kyle, and I did a significant amount of walking around Auckland stocking up on the last bits of gear we needed for the trip. The low day on the 28th was us stopping through Auckland back on the way south, grabbing Kyle, and heading to a relaxed campsite without any significant activity.

I’m still pretty unhappy with how this graph looks, as I haven’t had any time to update it. Once I get a couple more weeks I want to add visuals for how each week compares to past weeks, but with only two weeks so far it is a bit early for that. We’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll get some hiking in soon, but Elvis’s car needs a fix for his radiator, so we might be hung up on the Coromandel Peninsula for a few days. Not that I’m complaining. It is beautiful here.

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  • Elizabeth 4 years ago Reply

    Glad to have an update! And it does look beautiful there 🙂

    Aunt Pam. WOW. What a amazing start. I was feeling all your emotions you are safe and that's all that counts. 😘 4 years ago Reply

    Great to get another blog. Such a beautiful spot. Weather looks good. Enjoy😘

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